#TATTOOSWEATERS is a creative project that finds the ultimate inspiration in the art of tattoo and transfers this vision to the wardrobe of like-minded people. We see clothing as a second skin for all of us and we prefer it to be tattooed.


Our brand was established in 2013 after the successful collaboration with a talented tattoo artist. This lead into the first collection of the brand and set the concept for each new collection – a collaboration with a talented internationally-known artist.


The first collection #ienlevinseries has become a unique example of how the digital textile and silk screen-printing may turn the tattoo into such realistic everyday masterpieces. The idea was to transfer images of interesting personalities to unusual and comfortable clothes. We are open to innovation in both the material and the technique. This is always a challenge for the designer and production team. It is some  kind of experimental collaboration with different creators: tattoists, illustrators and artists.


Also due to the huge experience, obtained in numerous projects concearing the production of complicated stage costumes, we run the experimental lab and own production department which gives us the opportunity to make the clothes of highest quality satisfuying complex demands and unique orders. TATTOOSWEATERS is a balanced combination of outstanding comfort and well-designed sophisticated forms facing the requests of an active urban life meeting the hi-technically complex requirements.