TTSWTRS  sees clothing as a second skin and tattoos as the only true way to decorate it. The baseline for each new collection are works of acclaimed tattoo artists from all over the world. Prints and embroideries are applied on each item with anatomic precision.

The story of TTSWTRS has started five years ago and during these years it has collaborated with ten talented tattoo artists. The creative director and founder of the brand is Anna Osmekhina, a practicing costume designer and a celebrity stylist.

With the very first collection TTSWTRS immediately got into Colette, an iconic concept store in Paris. It was sold out within a week. From the second collection, the brand started sales in Japan.

TTSWTRS is currently sold in 7 countries:
Anastasia Boutique (California, USA)
Odds Concept Store (Florida, USA)
VFILES (New York, USA)
Rare Market (Seoul, Korea)
I.T.(Hong Kong)
Snatchbook (China)
Rieger (Salzburg, Austria)
Leform Concept Store (Moscow, Russia)
Tsvetnoy Central Market (Moscow, Russia)
Ogonek Boutique (Odessa, Ukraine)
TTSWTRS Lab (Kyiv, Ukraine)
TTSWTRS Showroom (Moscow, Russia)

The brand has high demands to the product’s quality and has its own sewing and printing manufacture in Kyiv, Ukraine. TTSWTRS creative lab consists of 35 very unique people, which have years of experience in TV and theatre projects, music videos and celebritie’s shows.